In Memoriam T.T.

December 25, 2013 § 1 Comment

From “La Vie des Lettres” no. 4, 1921

author cutting unappreciated herd out
copy newspaper original take shake sensibility length up
some conscientiously choose vulgar
out next you by make even though of
and from scissors infinitely in a order
the the paper this after them
out this in resemble of charming article
which article are the bag the each makes left
an carefully next there words one bag
take they a want the poem of and gently cut each the article
cut other poem you to your
you that the all an the in will put

Christmas Day, 2013



§ One Response to In Memoriam T.T.

  • john rogers says:

    Larry is not keen on scissors and herds ! he’s also somewhat uneasy about weight matters, as in being encouraged to increase his; he says he has some residual genetic memory he doesn’t like to visit a lot.

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