Decomposed poem

February 16, 2014 § 2 Comments

How does data visualisation fit into the predictive analytics process?

I hope you enjoy the paper.
I enjoy the hope.
You paper the hope.

I am not an experimental poet.
I am an experiment.
Are you a poet?


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§ 2 Responses to Decomposed poem

  • john rogers says:

    Larry says ‘I don’t like the sound of visualification of the fitting of the Presellian predicate in anal antics’ Well I know for a fact he spent some time on a Welsh Farm !

  • john rogers says:

    Larry says ‘decomposition is wiv mi udder essays, it bores da tits off of me man’. he also asks why does a sheepdog lick its balls ? Trying to help, I suggested it was because it could. Sheepishly he said it’s to test t’lickin’ an’it ticlesitstesticles. I think he’ trying being a bit flash because I put him onto george Orwell, he nearly had a fit at first he thought I said gorge Orwell. !He says he didn’t enjoy the paper but he had a goat mate who did, gedditt x Dad

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