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February 23, 2014 § 1 Comment

Other People

Act I

FIRST VOICE: We only have this life.
SECOND VOICE: You mean, we haven’t got another life to regret it?
THIRD VOICE: That’s what hell is for.


Act II

FIFTH VOICE: Est-ce que je peux emprunter ce livre?



SECOND VOICE: I go gaga over humans. Other people go gaga over cats, dogs, babies.
FOURTH VOICE: I never read novels published after 1767.
FIRST & THIRD VOICES: Give that woman a shandy.


Act IV

FIFTH VOICE: I like act two.



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  • john rogers says:

    That FIFTH voice is definitrly a prevert . (I’m on azerty remember; much better than marzipan or amaziepan and infinitely better than qwerty) Larry says he doesn’t want it but his goat mate will devouritavidly, the emprunted liver that is, I thought his mate was herbivorouzs! but Larry says his proper name is Herbert Vizorovski be cause he’s always russian about. I’m lost ! – as the Eskimo said when he was told he was in the Sahara. x Dad

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