Culture and Conflict series no.1

June 21, 2014 § 3 Comments

Light Music

We’re good at it,
aren’t we,
the English.
Like football.


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§ 3 Responses to Culture and Conflict series no.1

  • Fidel Bistro says:

    Liquid literature like a John Barnes dribble yet lapidary like Gary Snyder.

  • john rogers says:

    Larry says ‘Baaaaahh !’ I said ‘what d’ja mean ? You need a drink ?’ ‘Drink ? ‘ he says, ‘They need fuckin’ drownin’ !’ I said, ‘What ! in their sorrows ? Any way it seems they are sorry. ‘ I said. Larry said ‘ They should do like the Spaniards have did, Get a new King ! What a smart Lamb , pity about ‘is grammer. ‘ Don’t you take my muvver’s muvver’s name in vain mate !’

  • alian crow says:

    Sometimes a quick pass is indistinguishable
    from a dribble, and likewise a haiku may be
    an epigraph by any other name. The birds are singing.
    What kinds of birds are singing ? Please do not suggest that the sound of a nightingale is similar to that of a crow. Vive la Difference ! (a la Derrida). We love this poem because it is not a poem, because it pretends to be a poem and yet it says it is not a poem – it is a poem which is not a poem and yet it declares itself not to be so. The audacity of the author is equalled by the author’s temerity in suggesting that a spurious reference to the current capitalistic world cup routine and it’s relationship to capitalism as currently operative within parts of South London should generate sufficient interest to warrant a critique of these blithely yet oh so selectively, dare we say, strategically placed words claiming a meaning only vouchsafed in the minds of those who believe that they have actually read this actual critique and understand what the author is saying.

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