Kitchen sink

July 2, 2014 § 1 Comment

A Micro-Drama in Four Acts

Act I.
Scene: a Kitchen and a Business Continuity Desk.
11.57 am. The Houseman (by text message): You have just received Writers Victoria. You are a writer. XxXxXxX
11.57 am. The Writer (by text message): Bof
11.58 am. The Houseman: I am coming to sit under your desk
12.01 pm. The Writer: Do please! [He doesn’t]


Act II.
Scene: as before.
12.15 pm. The Houseman: Found blue lid for blue container!
12.17 pm. The Writer: It’s the container I couldn’t find this morning.
12.19 pm. The Houseman: Oh, that way round! The container had been washed up! When? By whom?
12.20 pm. The Writer: Where is the container?
12.23 pm. The Houseman: Under the lid! You couldn’t make it up.
12.23 pm. The Writer: But the lid was on the counter.
12.25 pm. The Houseman: Yes! Incredible! And the container was washed up. On the drainer.


Act III.
Scene: a Café and a Kitchen.
12.44 pm. The Writer: I’m sitting in a nice café where I will take you for lunch one day!
12.46 pm. The Houseman: That sounds great! I’m frying onions and garlic with paprika.
12.47 pm. The Writer: I have an idea what you may be cooking!


Act IV.
Scene: a Business Continuity Desk.
1.38 pm. The Writer: V nice roll thank you !!




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  • john rogers says:

    Larry wants to know if the Houseman is the same chap who wrote poems about green hills and pleasant pastures,cos he thinks he’s great as well as the funny chap who asked whether the lamb of God walked around there too as he feels a bit nostalgic about it.( Larry has quite an element of self importance at times !)

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