Nothing No. 31

August 2, 2015 § 3 Comments

There’s nothing more boring than being safe.

from interview with Christos Tsiolkas (b. 1965) in the Northcote Leader (8 May 2007)


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§ 3 Responses to Nothing No. 31

  • john rogers says:

    Larry says, ‘ I like boring safety , especially with wolves around ‘

  • john rogers says:

    Larry is learning to read upside down; he’s just looked over my shoulder and said,’ There’s nothing more safe than being boring’ and he should know ! I think he’s a wolf in lamb’s clothing xx Dad & Larry

  • Leon Dupasind says:

    There’s nothing like a quote…”Unsurprisingly, given the racism and misogyny in which so many of its characters indulge, The Slap has proved a divisive book. While some have proclaimed it a hard-hitting chronicle of our times (“Neighbours as written by Philip Roth,” as one reviewer put it), others have objected to its crude vision of life. The journalist India Knight wrote: “The whole novel has this ludicrous comedy-macho sensibility. You get the feeling that if he’d been forced to read ‘literary’ fiction, Raoul Moat would have gulped it down.” My reaction fell between these extremes. Tsiolkas’s initial conceit is undeniably clever and the narrative has a compulsive quality. Yet it has serious flaws: the writing is utilitarian, the characterisations are thin and the endless sex and swearing become boring.” – William Skidelsky, The Guardian, 22.10.10.

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