Double double-yolker

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Albert said: A double-yolker! How about that, then?
Joseph said: I thought they weren’t allowed any more by the egg manufacturers?
Albert said: That’s made my day! A double-yolker!
Joseph said: What happens with them? D’you get two chickens out?

from Albert Angelo (1964) by B.S. Johnson (1933-1973)

Effie said: A double double-yolker! How about that, then, Wolf?
Wolf said: That’s made my effin’ week, Effie!

Double double-yolker

Double double-yolker



Nothing No. 29

July 19, 2015 § 1 Comment

Perhaps there is nothing to be understood, perhaps understanding is simply not to be found, is not applicable to such a thing. But it is hard, hard, not to try to understand, even for me, who accept that all is nothing, that sense does not exist.

from The Unfortunates (1969) by B.S. Johnson (1933-1973)

Lines composed while watching Fat Man on a Beach

January 10, 2014 § 1 Comment

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You’ve got to keep going.
You want to keep going.

But you should have stopped.

Lines Composed After Drinking a Bottle of Brandy

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In Memoriam B.S. Johnson (1933-1973)

Make my day, BSJ.
You told it like it is.
Shit, mostly.

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